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The Cobalt Abortion Fund provides direct financial assistance to individuals seeking abortion care. We partner with a variety of clinics across Colorado to provide financial support for abortion procedures as well as practical support costs like travel, meals, or lodging. To get started, fill out our patient form and we’ll be in touch.

No! We can provide funding to anyone seeking care at one of our partner clinics, regardless of residency. Access to abortion care should not depend on your zip code.

Cobalt Abortion Fund does not have an income requirement. We recognize that many income requirements can be arbitrary. We take someone at their word when they say they need funding assistance for abortion care.

Yes! While we partner with many organizations that primarily fund and organize travel, we do have some capacity to assist as well. We can help with plane tickets, hotels, meal support, and direct cash assistance through Paypal.

Let us know where the clinic is located. If it is within our region, we can try to work with them to provide financial assistance. If not, we can refer you to a fund in your area.

Abortion funds often help people navigate barriers in addition to paying for procedures. We make sure people feel respected and valued. We believe in a holistic approach because people facing abortion barriers often face more than one. That’s why we also provide “practical support,” including transportation, child care payment, lodging, abortion doulas, and more.

Abortion funds have been navigating the difficult terrain of trying to get an abortion for a long time. We have decades of wisdom and experience assisting people over abortion barriers with compassion and care.

Cobalt is our parent organization and you can get involved with our work here.

Please note that for safety reasons and COVID-19 precautions we have suspended the volunteer driver program and are opting to place clients traveling for abortion care in hotels. We are asking that folks direct their support to our fundraising efforts for our Practical Support Fund.